The Role of Mineral Resources in Life Cycle Assessment

New, harmonized terminology is discussed and proposed in a paper published recently in the International Journal of Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA), entitled “Mineral resources in life cycle impact assessment—defining the path forward”.

Co-authored by the ECI, this new paper supports the LCA practitioners to build mutual understanding with the mineral industry and recommends tools for use in life cycle sustainability assessment.

“Despite 20 years of research, there remains no robust, globally agreed upon method—or even problem statement—for assessing mineral resource inputs in life cycle impact assessment. As a result, inclusion of commonly used methods such as abiotic depletion potential (ADP) in life cycle assessment (LCA)-related evaluation schemes could lead to incorrect decisions being made in many applications.”

The paper explores in detail how to improve the way that life cycle thinking is applied to the acquisition of mineral resources and their metal counterparts.

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