We at ECI are pleased to invite you to read our 2018 Annual Report, outlining our key activities and achievements for the year.

Our Top 10 for 2018

  1. Positively influenced the Clean Energy Package
  2. Finalised environmental footprinting pilots
  3. Positioned copper as an alternative to rare-earth materials via the Horizon 2020-funded ReFreeDrive project
  4. Advanced a refined test method for determining corrosivity of solid bulk cargoes, replacing a test that gave erratic results for copper concentrates
  5. Actively addressed the critical issue of lead as a candidate for authorisation under REACH
  6. Hosted an event on copper sustainability and environmental indicators
  7. Harmonised hazard classifications of granulated copper, setting a positive precedent for assessments of other copper forms
  8. Established a project to operationalise the concept of dissipation in the Life Cycle Impact Assessment
  9. Launched a new website and saw visitor numbers double
  10. Established a Public Affairs function in Brussels and strengthened our reputation building efforts

Introduced by our Chairman and our CEO, the report addresses five core areas: circular economy and sustainable development, clean energy and transport, buildings and infrastructure, health and environment, and public affairs and communications.

The full report is available at annual-report.copperalliance.eu.