On 16 October, the Copper REACH Consortium joined 14 other consortia—representing around 300 substances, including most metals—to formalise our cooperation with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) on the Metals and Inorganics Sectorial Approach (MISA).

The theme of this year’s EU mobility week is multimodality: mixing different, sustainable transport modes for our journeys. Electric modes of transportation—be they vehicles, trams or trains—are all powered by copper, and the shift towards renewable energy will require more copper than is currently used.  We consider the past, present and future role of the red metal to illustrate why there is plenty of copper to achieve the clean energy revolution.

The European Copper Institute (ECI) is pleased to introduce the seventh edition of the biennial contest “Copper and the Home”, which will be centred on the theme of sustainability. Respecting the environment, recycling and avoiding the waste of natural resources are of great importance, and copper can enable concrete solutions for these needs.

For three years, the European Copper Institute has worked with seven partners in the IndustRE consortium to develop solutions for the effective decarbonisation of industry. Rooted in the concept of redesigning industrial processes to use higher shares of renewable electricity, a tool set has now been developed for companies to use as part of their decarbonisation strategy.