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World Resources Forum

26 February, Antwerp, Belgium

Copper and the Circular Economy: Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions
11:30–13:00, Flanders Meeting and Convention Centre

In a world increasingly focused on moving away from single-use materials, copper is infinitely recyclable. At the same time, copper—and many other metals—is an essential component in powering a sustainable-energy future because it is a key material in a large number of renewables and efficiency applications.

As our copper need and usage rises, how can we ensure an even tighter loop so we can reclaim and reuse the material itself? How can we reclaim and reuse the energy consumed through industrial processes, to minimise losses and maximise a positive ‘return on (monetary/energy/environmental) investment’?

This session will not only look at the challenges and opportunities these questions present, but also at tangible solutions to address them. It will include short, engaging presentations and audience involvement through voting and ample Q&A time.

Theme: Sustainable Waste and Materials Management

Bernard Respaut, Chief Executive, European Copper Institute

Framing the Challenges and Opportunities: a Keynote Conversation
Sonia Valdivia, World Resources Forum
Kirsten Hund, World Bank
Nicole Hanson, International Copper Association

Three Challenges and Three Solutions as Case Studies:

1. Optimising Materials Choices Through Creating Alternatives
Blanca Araujo, Fundación CIDAUT

2. Optimising Materials Returns Through Designing for Longevity
Laura Gerritson, Fairphone

3. Optimising Sourcing/Mining Process
Ing-Marie Andersson Drugge, Boliden

Visit the World Resources Forum 2019 homepage for more detail of the event.