Bernard Respaut, our CEO, reflects on COP24 and considers its implications for the future of the copper industry.

Bernard Respaut on COP24

I returned from COP24 in Katowice with a feeling of hope, mixed with a sense of urgency.

My hope stems from the engagement with addressing climate change demonstrated by companies and citizens alike. The 75,000 strong 2 December demonstration in Brussels shows citizens want a sustainable, carbon-neutral economy and expect regulators to act accordingly, and companies to innovate and implement solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The copper industry is active on this front, from electrification of mine transport and increasing renewable energy supplies to district heating and recycling. Copper producers are gearing up to meet increased demand for copper: a key metal in the energy transition.

We now need regulators to display the same ambition, agreeing a coordinated and voluntary approach to addressing this complex and global issue of climate change.

The rulebook agreed in Katowice is a starting point, but more is needed to reach the Paris Agreement objectives, including balanced targets, a level playing field for all actors, and support for investments. Technical solutions exist to combat global warming, and their accelerated implementation needs only political will.

These are urgent matters, so let us continue convincing regulators of the need to act—and act now.