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Ecodesign Directive: Six Reasons Why Building Automation Should Be Included in the 2015-2017 Working Plan

Action on making the current policy frameworks more supportive of unlocking the large-scale savings of Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) contributes to several dimensions of the Energy Union strategy.

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Energy Efficiency Targets in the Context of Post-2020 EU Climate and Energy Policy: EU needs to set an ambitious, binding and coherent 2030 target for energy efficiency and savings

Energy Efficiency Industrial Forum, February 2013

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Energy Roadmap 2050 on efficiency: many signs – no direction

The Coalition for ENERGY SAVINGS, December 2011

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Energy savings to be first policy priority for 2030

The Coalition for ENERGY SAVINGS, November 2012

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Energy Union: ‘First stop, efficiency’

A new briefing from the Coalition for Energy Savings takes stock of the state of energy savings in the EU and of its potential to reap the multiple benefits of an energy-efficient European Union.

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Has copper been tested in clinical trials?

Yes. Copper surfaces have been proven to have over 90% less contamination than conventional touch surfaces in hospital trials around the world.  Trials have taken place, or are under way, in China, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Spain, South Africa, Chile and the US.

Furthermore, in a multi-centre US trial, funded by the Department of Defense, copper surfaces were shown to reduce a patient’s risk of acquiring a healthcare-associated infection by 58%.

Eurometaux Position on the review of the European waste management legislation

Eurometaux, September 2013

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European Energy Efficiency Industries call for Energy Efficiency First to be integrated in the EU Heating & Cooling Strategy

The Energy Efficiency Industrial Forum (EEIF) welcomes the European Commission’s efforts in making sure that energy efficiency is at the heart of the Energy Union framework, and calls for Energy Efficiency First to be integrated as the overarching theme into the European heating & cooling strategy.

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European Non-Ferrous Metals Industry: The Emissions Trading System (ETS) should remain a cost-effective tool to reduce emissions, not worsen the economic crisis

Eurometaux, July 2012

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How can bronze works of art be protected from corrosion if they are situated outdoors?

Either by the use of lacquers, wax polishing, or both.

How can corrosion or staining of machined aluminium bronze components be avoided during shipping?

The key is to clean them thoroughly, remove water, protect them and keep them dry, so:

  1. After cleaning dry thoroughly using a dewatering fluid such as WD40.
  2. Remove displaced water with forced warm air.
  3. Coat with a protective coating such as benzotriazole inhibitor, or a block co-polymer.
  4. Pack into benzotriazole treated paper lined wooden boxes. Moisture absorbent granules may also be used to keep the air inside the boxes dry.

When unpacked, remove the coatings with a phosphoric-based solution and dry them thoroughly.