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The Copper Voluntary Risk Assessment

Working with public authorities to ensure the safe production and safe use of copper products.

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The Environmental Profile of Copper Products - A ‘cradle-to-gate‘ life-cycle assessment for copper tube, sheet and wire produced in Europe

Improving the environmental performance of products, along with enhancing sustainability throughout the supply chain, have gained significantly in importance in recent years, both for consumers and industries. In parallel, EU initiatives, such as the Sustainable Consumption and Production Action Plan, foster greater resource efficiency and the commercialisation of more environmentally friendly products.

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The European Union’s future climate change and energy policies to 2030 – what would be the most competitive direction?

Eurometaux, July 2013

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The Role of the Demand Side in the Power System

The consultation on a new market design represents an opportunity for the European Union to embark on a course to increase the weight of demand in the power system.

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The Use of Electricity in Heating and Cooling Could Facilitate the Penetration of Renewables and Lower Carbon Emissions in Europe

Following the European Commission’s Heating & Cooling Strategy Consultation Forum, held in Brussels on September 9th, the European Copper Institute (ECI) is convinced that very significant opportunities exist, within the heating & cooling sector, to save energy, to increase the use of renewable-based technologies, thus reducing the dependency on imported fuels, and to better connect the EU’s electricity and thermal energy markets.

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ECI Annual Report 2006

The first half of 2006 saw a dramatic increase in the market price of most commodities, including copper. Compared to the London Metal Exchange price of 3,684 $/T in 2005, the average price rose by 83% to 6,727 $/T in 2006.

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Manifesto - Benefits of a Competitive European Copper Industry

Copper and its many alloys are characterised by their 100% recyclability, their superior technical properties, such as high electrical and thermal conductivity, their ability to be easily processed, and their durability. As a result, copper stands at the centre of many of the technologies that will drive Europe’s future competitiveness.

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What range of colours can be achieved with a finished bronze casting?

Using chemical treatment, any desired colour can be obtained. Specialist companies should be consulted to identify the correct product for a particular project.