Education Resources

Learn about copper and its alloys

Our UK chapter—Copper Development Association—has prepared a set of education resources spanning Biology, Chemistry and Physics in addition to broader, general information on copper and its alloys. For ease of use, they are divided into three age categories: 11–14 years, 14–16 years and 16–18 years.

These resources have been developed in conjunction with, and reviewed by teachers. Whilst they are designed to complement the UK’s National Curriculum, the information they contain is relevant Europe-wide and can be used by students in any country.

The following table shows how each resource page matches subjects and age range. However, most of the pages have valuable information for all age ranges. Each page has a set of questions and a link to an answers page.

At the bottom of each page, you will also find a link to download a ZIP file containing the information in PDF format. This allows printing and offline use.