Job Opportunity: REACH and Projects Manager, HESD Europe

Position: REACH and Projects Manager

Job Description:
As a member of the European and Global Health, Environment & Sustainable Development teams, the REACH and Projects Manager:

  • Contributes to maintaining the license to operate of the European and the global copper industry.
  • Ensures a fair access to European markets is maintained for ECI and ICA  members, mainly under the REACH and CLP regulations.

As leader of REACH and CLP activities at ECI, you would:

  • Monitor the regulatory environment.
  • Gather scientific data and expert opinions.
  • Provide assistance to ECI members in complying with REACH and CLP technical and legal requirements.
  • Carry out the day-to-day running of the REACH Copper Consortium.

You will take an active part in European and/or Global HESD projects as assigned by the HESD Director, and provide structured input to the Head of Public Affairs Europe for the definition and execution of specific advocacy activities linked to REACH and CLP.

Job Profile:
University degree (Master level) in Chemistry, Life/Environmental Science, Toxicology or similar scientific domains. Also:

  • 7+ years in a REACH-related function for a trade association or an industrial company, ideally in Brussels.
  • Extensive exposure to toxicological matters is a significant advantage.
  • Exposure to legal aspects of chemical management is a major advantage.

Required Skills:

  • Solid knowledge of REACH and CLP legislations.
  • Ability to identify and prioritise REACH or CLP issues that are critical to the copper industry.
  • Ability to build an efficient and credible scientific strategy that effectively addresses specific REACH or CLP issues.
  • Proficiency in providing assistance to technically-oriented staff at member companies.
  • Ability to select and manage experts and consultants.
  • Proficiency in developing project plans and reporting on their progress, including to non-scientific stakeholders (e.g. the REACH Copper Consortium Management Committee).
  • Proficiency in summarising the key elements of a REACH, CLP or HESD issue and its impact on the copper industry, for further use by non-technical people (e.g. the Public Affairs team).

Please send your application, with full Curriculum vitae, before 30 August 2017 to Xavier Coker.
Phone: + 32 240 34 980 , extension 3256