Innovative Copper Technologies Showcased at CEM8

The International Copper Association is presenting innovative copper-based solutions for clean energy and the green economy at CEM8 this week in Beijing.

The Clean Energy Technology Exhibition—held in conjunction with the Eighth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM 8) and the Second Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-2)—is a robust platform for forward-thinking nations to accelerate the transition to clean energy and boost innovation.

The International Copper Association (ICA) is participating to showcase a series of high-efficiency copper products and solutions for the clean energy sector, underscoring the copper industry’s commitment to sustainable development in China and around the world.

The innovations on show include copper heat exchangers, copper rotor motors and copper tubing systems for air conditioners, all of which are conducive to sustainable development in China. For instance, copper heat exchangers can be applied to air-source heat pumps and solar heating, helping ensure long-term and stable operation. In addition to offering greater efficiency and better environmental protection, it is also a solution that supports the country’s Coal to Electricity policy.

Improving energy efficiency and developing clean energy tops the Chinese government’s agenda. In 2016, China pledged in the Paris Agreement that—by 2030—it will reduce its emissions per unit of GDP by 60 to 65% of 2005 levels, and improve its non-fossil-fuel share of energy consumption to approximately 20 percent. The country plans to spend more than $360 billion through 2020 on renewable power sources like solar and wind, according to China’s National Energy Administration. That is expected to help curb the growth of greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming.

‘The usage of copper is driving the advancement of sustainable industry,’ says Victor Zhou, Director of ICA China. ‘With China ramping up its clean energy initiative, copper is expected to play a major role in many key sectors here. As the leading authority on copper end-use globally, ICA has the experience to support copper-intensive technologies for clean energy, thus helping the Chinese government achieve its goals for green development.’

Boasting superior electrical and thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion, copper is essential to clean energy and high-efficiency products, which can help governments meet their CO2 reduction and green development goals. Whether powered by sun, wind, efficient and renewable energy systems rely on copper to transmit the energy they generate with maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact. Copper is an essential material to build the energy systems for the future.