Energy Audit Obligations: A Roadmap to 2019

For European Sustainable Energy Week 2017, the European Copper Institute, in partnership with the CEN/CENELEC Sector Forum on Energy Management (SFEM), is hosting a high-level policy conference workshop on energy audit obligations.

The purpose is to share feedback and best practices, and to exchange views on the transposition of Article 8 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). Speakers will present the results of implementation assessments in various Member States, in particular including energy audits related to the EN 16247 series and the EN ISO 50001 Energy Management standard. They will share their findings with the Commission, Member States and industry, aiming for high quality recommendations on a roadmap to 2019 on energy audit obligations, backed up by all relevant stakeholders.

Financing energy efficiency projects
The event targets EC policy officers dealing with the Energy Union, with the EED art.8, and with the financeability of energy efficiency projects in particular; MS representatives in charge of national implementation of the EED Directive; Energy efficiency and energy management experts in various sectors; and NGOs with an interest in energy efficiency and the environment. The event will be chaired by Bernard Gindroz, Chair of the CEN/CENELEC Sector Forum on Energy Managment. The program balances between short presentations (limited to conclusions and questions guiding further discussion), followed by a highly interactive moderated panel discussion. A live and online voting tool ( will be used to capture the audience’s opinion and live Tweeting during the event will be used to engage the broad Energy Union community.

Three related workshops in one week
The roundtable is part 2 of a tripod-approach that creates the highest possible momentum in one week: the conclusions from the transposition assessment workshop on Monday 19 June, are immediately shared and scrutinized with the Commission and other stakeholders during the policy conference. Then, on Thursday 22 June, conclusions and concrete recommendations are immediately fed back to the MS representatives via the CEN/CENELEC SFEM plenary session.


  • 09:00
    Bernard Gindroz, SFEM
  • 09:05
    DecarbEurope: A multi-channel campaign on scalable solutions to cost-effectively decarbonize Europe’s energy system
    Diedert Debusscher, European Copper Institute
  • 09:10
    Opening Statement
    Energy audits for enterprises: Overview of the application of Art.8 of the Energy Efficiency Directive
    Serena Pontoglio, DG ENER
  • 09:20
    Conclusions from the transposition assessment:
    Feedback from MS and the needs for improvement (reports from at least confirmed: France, Germany, Italy, Sweden)
    Ettore Piantoni, SFEM
  • 09:30
    Best practices on ISO 50001 implementation and certification in France and Germany
    Catherine Moutet, AFNOR Development
  • 09:40
    Best practices from Italy
    Roberto Moneta and Domenico Santino, ENEA
  • 09:45
    Reality check from industry
    Massimo Di Domenico, Assolombarda-Confindustria
  • 09:50
    Moderated panel discussion and Q&A with the audience
    Panellists: speakers accompanied by representatives from MS, European Commission and Parliament, industry, and NGOs.
    Moderator: Bernard Gindroz, SFEM
  • 10:20
    Conclusions and recommendations to the SFEM CEN/CENELEC
    Bernard Gindroz, SFEM
  • 10:30

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Contact: Diedert Debusscher, Portfolio Manager at European Copper Institute