Copper Signs MISA Collaboration Agreement

On 16 October, the Copper REACH Consortium joined 14 other consortia—representing around 300 substances, including most metals—to formalise our cooperation with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) on the Metals and Inorganics Sectorial Approach (MISA).

MISA is a voluntary programme—orchestrated by Eurometaux and ECHA—that aims to improve the completeness and quality of REACH dossiers, help solve technical challenges in the metals/inorganics sector to improve hazard and risk assessment/management, and allow collective debates to strengthen dossiers and guidance methods.

The Copper REACH Consortium welcomes MISA and the contribution it will make to building Europe’s sustainable future on copper and other key materials. We are also proud to be in the vanguard of this proactive approach, with Eurometaux  being only the second European industry association to sign such an agreement.

The Copper Industry undertook a Voluntary Risk Assessment for copper and four copper compounds that was finalised in 2008. We continue to update our registration dossiers as new science and quality data become available, constantly monitoring and developing our science and best approaches. The new framework will help us progress this work further and more efficiently.

The Framework for Cooperation document was signed on behalf of the Copper REACH Consortium by Manuela Ramirez of Atlantic Copper, Vice-Chair of the Board of ECI. It demonstrates our commitment to achieving MISA’s aims during its 2018–2020 run, investing the necessary resources to carry out the agreed actions.

The full list of MISA substances will be published on the ECHA and Eurometaux websites, providing authorities and other stakeholders with a clear signal work is ongoing for these substances. The expected improvement of the registration dossiers as a result of MISA will reduce the need for Member States’ and ECHA’s regulatory actions on these substances, and prevent the development of methods that are not relevant for metals and inorganics.

MISA signing with Manuela Ramirez