Copper and the Home 2018 Design Competition

The European Copper Institute (ECI) is pleased to introduce the seventh edition of the biennial contest “Copper and the Home”, which will be centred on the theme of sustainability. Respecting the environment, recycling and avoiding the waste of natural resources are of great importance, and copper can enable concrete solutions for these needs.

The focus on sustainability and environmental protection is highly significant for both present and future generations. Therefore, the contest is focusing on copper features: it’s a natural metal, versatile, 100% recyclable and offers many other mechanical, chemical and physical properties beneficial to energy efficiency, resource conservation and more. The advantages of using this material are therefore many, above all from an ecological and aesthetic point of view.

Nowadays, designers have to conceive projects that combine energy savings with low environmental impact materials in order to create a more sustainable future. In particular, copper is ductile and tough, an excellent electrical and thermal conductor, and it facilitates the exploitation of renewable energy, creating more eco-friendly spaces.

The contest was established in 2006 to provide students and young professionals with an opportunity to experiment with copper, creating innovative and original projects that underline the beauty and versatility of this fascinating metal that is essential to life and progress.

The competition is open to under-40 designers and architects, and students enrolled in design or architecture schools and universities. Competitors in the two different categories can participate individually or in groups, and the school or university whose students present the most relevant and exciting projects, will be awarded a special plaque.

The Jury in charge of examining the projects comprises three professionals belonging to the world of design and architecture: the architect Massimo Curzi, the designer Matteo Ragni and the architect and critic Marco Romanelli.

In previous editions of the contest, participants displayed pioneering and original ideas that combined the elegance and functionality of copper, giving new and unexpected expressions to familiar household items.

Everything can be reinvented and destined for new and different uses, including objects in household spaces, commercial and public areas, such as hospitals or schools. Projects can consist of furnishing accessories, internal coverings, lighting, table or cooking objects, and contain technical elements related to renewable resources and energy saving.

Copper is an eclectic material that offers countless manufacturing possibilities. Competitors can combine copper with other metals—to cover alloys such as brass, bronze and copper-nickel—and other materials, but copper has to be the main protagonist of the creations. The passion for aesthetics goes hand-in-hand with functionality in order to create modern and sustainable designs that will improve our relationship with the environment, nature and its resources.

The contest is organised by the Italian branch of the European Copper Institute: a non-profit organisation that has been operating for over 40 years nationally and internationally to promote and support the use of copper and its alloys across their many applications, including some of the most creative and expressive ones in design and architecture.

Who can Participate?

The competition is open to all those born after 31 October 1978 and features two categories. The first is for designers, architects, engineers—participating individually or in a group—as well as graduated employees working in these fields.

The second is for individual students, or groups, enrolled in a higher education school of interior design or interior decorating, attending faculties of architecture, engineering or interior design, undertaking doctorates, masters or equivalent courses, and with the coordination of at least one course teacher who will sign a participant’s written certification.

Projects must be received no later than 31 October 2018.

How to Enter

Click here to download the full competition details. You can also download Form A1 and Form A2.