Copper Gets Going as a Symbol of Hope and Strength

Reopening of the Brussels Airport Departures Hall

After the devastating March 22 terror attacks at Brussels Airport, the departures hall was reconstructed and reopened in time for the busy summer season. Those familiar with the airport, however, may find that the renovated area looks a little different now. The iconic statue ‘Flight in mind’, which greeted millions of travellers over the years, has been removed.

The Iconic Statue Endures
Although it withstood the attacks and remained standing amidst the rubble, the statue was scarred by the impact of projectiles used in the bombs. According to airport sources, a decision was made not to fully repair the work of art, in consultation with its creator, Olivier Strebelle. Read the entire story here.

Copper has been interwoven with the story of humanity’s progress for centuries
Essential to modern living, it delivers electricity and clean water into our homes and cities, and makes an important contribution to sustainable development. More than that, it is essential to life itself.

Copper’s unique properties make it the material of choice for many professions seeking to create solutions for applications in extreme environments too.

In a new campaign, designed for a public curious to understand the secrets behind the innovations required to operate successfully in such environments, we have selected a series of case studies unveiling the roles that copper plays when things get tough.

Under the hashtag #gocopper, the campaign kicked off with five stories, and is updated every month with a new case that we hope you’ll find interesting.

Click here to discover the eight case-studies of the campaign.