Copper at the Core: Driving Europe’s Sustainable Future

This week, Bernard Respaut, Chief Executive of the European Copper Institute, will address the European Mineral Resources Conference on the contribution copper makes to building a strong and sustainable Europe.


With the theme of ‘building a new world, made in Europe’, the conference is taking a forward-looking view of the technological revolution—including automated cars and the Internet of Things—and its impact on European raw materials providers. Circular economy, access to raw materials and fair trade with other regions are under discussion as factors that will shape the future of Europe’s extractive industry and its added value.

“Copper plays a key role in modern technologies, and already contributes significantly to the energy transition,” explains Bernard Respaut. “With outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity, it is the material of choice for batteries in electric vehicles in renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and solar panels. Energy efficiency—including building automation, cogeneration and heat pumps—also relies on copper.”

Copper is 100% recyclable without loss of properties, meaning it has a clear place within the circular economy. Europe leads the world in copper recycling, with almost 50% of its annual copper demand met with recycled material.

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