Copper in Architecture Awards Winner Announced

The results of the 2017 European Copper in Architecture Awards 18 have been announced.

The Maersk Tower research complex in Copenhagen, designed by C.F. Møller Architects and characterised by its grid of copper fins, was the outright winner by a unanimous judges’ decision.

Click here to view the full details, and find out which projects were Commended, and which one received the Public Choice Award.

Copper has a long and illustrious history in architecture, providing a beautiful, practical and sustainable contribution to the modern building construction market.

Buildings covered with copper can be admired for centuries. There are many examples of both historical and contemporary buildings across Europe with striking green copper cladding, gutters and roofs, showing copper to be both beautiful and durable.

Modern architecture benefits from copper because it complements commonly-used materials such as brick, wood, stone and glass, and can be used for buildings with modern or traditional styles. In addition, copper architecture meets the important requirements of state-of-the-art building design, which demands recyclable and sustainable materials. In existing legislative framework, the production and use of copper products safeguards the environment and citizens of Europe.

For more information on the use of copper in architecture, click here.