The hors concours section of the sixth Copper and the Home international design award demonstrates the incredible ability of copper and its alloys to blend with and complement the aesthetic choices of different designers, representing an exciting cross-section of the design world’s latest trends.

Today, 12 European organisations have presented the Report “DecarbEurope 2017: Connecting technologies for a cleaner future”. The publication is a first landmark of this multi-partner and multi-channel campaign to decarbonise Europe. In 120 pages, the report takes you on a journey to 10 cost-effective technical solutions that each can reduce European greenhouse gas emissions by several hundred million tons per year.

The Energy Efficiency Industrial Forum (EEIF) representing a wide range of European industries providing energy efficient products and services – of which ECI is a member of –  welcomes the European Commission’s efforts in proposing a coherent ‘Clean Energy for All’ Package. Worth an annual €150 billion contribution to the EU economy and around 1 million direct jobs, the EEIF now calls on the co-legislators to go further on the energy efficiency legislation, and to equip industry with a long-term ambition and an enabling framework to accelerate investments in energy efficiency.