The theme of this year’s EU mobility week is multimodality: mixing different, sustainable transport modes for our journeys. Electric modes of transportation—be they vehicles, trams or trains—are all powered by copper, and the shift towards renewable energy will require more copper than is currently used.  We consider the past, present and future role of the red metal to illustrate why there is plenty of copper to achieve the clean energy revolution.

In an increasingly decentralised and renewable electricity system, the demand side will need to play a major role. The aim of the Smart Energy Summit, held in Brussels on 6th April, was to discuss how to take smart energy forward in Europe and beyond, define current and future contributions to demand-side flexibility from industry, commercial and residential consumers, provide a snapshot of the demand side landscape in Europe, and discuss policy implications. It was convened by Frauke Thies of the Smart Energy Demand Coalition and Hans De Keulenaer from ECI.