Accelerating the Energy Transition

Today, ECI is pleased to launch the #AccelerateET social media initiative, aiming to intensify the energy transition conversation by highlighting the EU’s champions of decarbonisation.

The energy transition is already happening. The fourth liberalisation package is going through the EU codecision process and it introduces exciting new elements for a demand-driven electricity system. The 10 millionth heat pump will be installed next month and we will have a million electric vehicles on Europe’s roads in 2017. Renewables are installed in the tens of GigaWatts and energy management is becoming a standard practice in industry. Energy and climate targets for 2020 will be amply met. And these are just some of the success stories.

However, developments are not proceeding fast enough to meet long-term goals. To quote the European Environment Agency, the EU and member states ‘will have to intensify their efforts considerably to meet longer-term energy and decarbonisation objectives for 2050.’ Fortunately, the glass is half full and not half empty, but lately we appear to be slowing down when we should be speeding up.

That’s the rationale for #AccelerateET, a social media initiative run by the European Copper Institute (ECI), One Policy Place (OPP) and Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP). Our desire is to amplify the most powerful views and statements from the EU champions of the energy transition. This campaign starts with the State of the Energy Union on November 24 and will run until EU Sustainable Energy Week in June 2018.

Through OPP’s exceptional policy monitoring service, we will highlight those champions speaking up for energy transition and a more rapid decarbonisation. We may find them in the EU institutions, member states, academia, research organisations, industry, municipalities or concerned citizens. Our aim to intensify the energy transition conversation on social media. Join us by using #AccelerateET.

OPP is a neutral media partner open to different views and this is where ECI comes in. Since copper is used throughout the energy system, from production over transmission and distribution to end-use, ECI has a systemic view on the energy transition, covering the energy and transport systems, and is equally involved in climate and environmental issues. ECI runs programs such as Leonardo ENERGY and DecarbEurope that support the energy transition and aim for rapid decarbonisation. ECI will monitor the OPP platform for messages on these topics.

Through its Leonardo ENERGY initiative, ECI reaches a network of 45,000 professionals. Partnering with EEIP, an energy efficiency platform and energy transition communication leader with over 135,000 members, will ensure maximum outreach. The three #AccelerateET partners will reach out to the energy community with messages about the energy transition, leaving no doubt that the energy transition is wanted, necessary, cost effective, technically feasible and has no alternative for the European Union.

EU energy and industry policy already drives the energy transition. For this to continue, concerted action from national and local governments, the private sector and citizens is necessary. And where better to meet than on social media?

Join #AccelerateET, and help us spread the word. We welcome your input on strong, progressive ‘can do’ messages that we might otherwise miss.

ECI: Hans De Keulenaer hans[dot]dekeulenaer[at]copperalliance[dot]eu
EEIP: Dusan Jakovljevic dusan[dot]jakovljevic[at]ee[dash]ip[dot]org
OPP: Mark Wilson mark[at]onepolicyplace[dot]com