Who We Are

About the European Copper Institute

The European Copper Institute (ECI) was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Brussels, with additional colleagues based in offices across Europe.

Our mission is to contribute to growing the copper market by building a positive and sustainable future for the industry through promoting and defending the use of copper. We do this by engaging both on regulatory matters and via market development programs, working in close cooperation with our members, who represent the whole copper value chain (copper producers, smelters, recyclers and fabricators).

ECI is also part of the Copper Alliance, which brings together the global copper industry to develop and defend markets for copper, and to make a positive contribution to society’s sustainable development goals.

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The benefits of membership

Being part of a global industry network offers:

  • Opportunities to connect with industry colleagues.
  • Use of the association as a platform to meet the political and academic world.
  • Support in European and global advocacy and market outreach efforts that benefit our industry and maintain or grow our license to operate.

Gain access to global expertise:

  • Credible industry resources, studies and updates.
  • Industry experts on staff to help you with technical or matters.

Driving the industry agenda:

  • Co-develop our strategy and positions.
  • Get active in committees and task forces, both on technical and policy matters.

Increasing your visibility:

  • Leveraging our reputation building and communications opportunities across European markets.
  • Participating in events organised at EU and local levels across a broad variety of topics, depending on your main areas of interest.

Interested in hearing more about membership? Please click here to contact Bernard Respaut, Chief Executive of the European Copper Institute.