Construction of a Rainwater Treatment Plant in Bulgaria


In 2014, the €6.3 million environmental project installed in one year by Aurubis at its Pirdop production facility covered the construction of a 230 m3/h capacity treatment plant along with a series of buffer pools. The new facility can treat wastewater including industrial discharges, domestic sewage and rainwater drainage from across the 2,800 acre production site. The latest technology enables the quality level of the discharged water to be in full compliance with the best available techniques (BAT) re-set by the European Commission in 2014. Some of the purified wastewater is reused in the production process, thereby reducing the consumption of fresh water. This further protects the environment and limits the use of natural resources.


With the construction of the new Rain Water Treatment Plant, the site, located between Pirdop and Zlatitsa in Bulgaria, has become one of the few in the country to combine three wastewater treatment facilities (for industrial, domestic and rainwater). This shows Aurubis’s commitment to the environment and to the neighbouring community.