John Schonenberger
Chief Executive

Chief Executive Message

The copper industry is proud of its material - how many others can really say that life on Earth would not exist without what they produce?

Copper is an essential nutrient for all plant and animal life. In animals and humans, it is found widely in tissue, especially in the liver, muscle, and bone. Copper has also played a significant part in the economic development of Mankind, being known to some of the oldest civilizations on record, and having a history of use spanning 10,000 years.

Despite copper being one of the oldest materials known and transformed by man – there’s even an era named after it! – the industry has always strived to maintain its products and applications at the forefront of innovation.

For us, innovation also means using technology and expertise to produce copper in a safe and environmentally friendly way. And this is where our recent voluntary risk assessment (VRA) comes in: the copper industry was the first in Europe to voluntarily undertake a process to demonstrate, to regulators everywhere, that we are operating under scientifically relevant health, safety and environmental practices. As the VRA proves, the copper industry is pro-actively meeting its duty of care and we are already well advanced in meeting our obligations under REACH.

Directly or indirectly, copper influences the daily lives of almost everyone in Europe and so we believe we have a clear responsibility to communicate on its health and environmental impacts. On behalf of the European industry, I am pleased to present you with this information kit and would encourage you to use it as well as to communicate to others our industry’s commitments and achievements.

We are proud of them and would like others to be as well.

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