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European Copper Institute and its network of eleven Copper Centres throughout Europe provide a copper publications list – a range of resources in support of the correct and efficient use of copper and copper alloys for major applications.

    ECI Publishes its 2014 Annual Report
    EU, Industry, policy, regulation
    This year report is structured around two main sections, the first focuses on regulatory initiatives impacting the industry’s licence to operate. The second, which covers market access issues for products, shows how ECI’s work is aimed at defending and growing end-use demand.
    Copper Wire Newsletter Spring 2013: Copper industry and EU Regulation
    sustainability , corporate, Industry, EU
    ECI, a "go to source" of scientific information for EU policy makers
    Copper Wire Newsletter Autumn 2012: Copper and Electrical Safety
    energy efficiency, sustainability , corporate, Industry, EU
    Copper industry supports electricalsafety
    Copper Wire Newsletter Summer 2012 : Energy Efficiency
    sustainability , Industry, corporate, EU
    Copper and energy efficiency
    Copper Wire Newsletter Spring 2012: Life Cycle Assessment
    sustainability , corporate, Industry, EU
    Understanding copper’scontributions to sustainability
    Copper Wire Newsletter Autumn 2011: Resource security
    corporate, Industry, EU
    Securing the competitiveness of theEuropean copper industry
    Copper Wire Newsletter Summer 2011: Infection Control & Prevention
    Industry, corporate, EU
    Copper: Improving health and combating infections
    Copper Wire Newsletter Spring 2011: Energy Efficiency
    corporate, Industry, competition, EU
    Copper at the heart of SustainableEnergy
    Copper Wire Newsletter Autumn 2010: Competitiveness
    competition, corporate, EU, Industry
    Striking the balance betweenRegulation and Competitiveness
    Manifesto - Benefits of a Competitive European Copper Industry
    corporate, environment, EU, fabricator, funding, Industry, manufacturer, manufacturing, mining, sustainability , sustainable, well-being
    Copper and its many alloys are characterised by their 100% recyclability, their superior technical properties, such as high electrical and thermal conductivity, their ability to be easily processed, and their durability. As a result, copper stands at the centre of many of the technologies that will drive Europe’s future competitiveness.
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