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European Copper Institute and its network of eleven Copper Centres throughout Europe provide a copper publications list – a range of resources in support of the correct and efficient use of copper and copper alloys for major applications.

    Energy Union: ‘First stop, efficiency’
    energy efficiency, EU, policy
    A new briefing from the Coalition for Energy Savings takes stock of the state of energy savings in the EU and of its potential to reap the multiple benefits of an energy-efficient European Union.
    European Energy Efficiency Industries call for Energy Efficiency First to be integrated in the EU Heating & Cooling Strategy
    Energy and renewables
    policy, energy efficiency, EU
    The Energy Efficiency Industrial Forum (EEIF) welcomes the European Commission’s efforts in making sure that energy efficiency is at the heart of the Energy Union framework, and calls for Energy Efficiency First to be integrated as the overarching theme into the European heating & cooling strategy.
    Copper Wire Newsletter Autumn 2012: Copper and Electrical Safety
    energy efficiency, sustainability , corporate, Industry, EU
    Copper industry supports electricalsafety
    Living better with copper
    sustainability , well-being, recyclability, recyclable , regulator, regulation, resources, environment, energy efficiency, emission of greenhouse gases, EU, Economy, corporate, challenges, citizens, air quality
    Whether it is to improve the efficiency and performance of applications across energy and healthcare, or to make transportation, architecture and heating and cooling systems more environmentally friendly, copper has never been more important for the sustainable growth of the EU.
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