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European Copper Institute and its network of eleven Copper Centres throughout Europe provide a copper publications list – a range of resources in support of the correct and efficient use of copper and copper alloys for major applications.

    Copper Alloys used in Marine Applications
    alloys, antifouling, fish farming cages
    The aim of this publication is to provide engineers with an appreciation of copper alloys commonly used in marine applications. It will provide an overview of the range of alloys and their properties, and give references and sources for further information.
    Fact sheet for tradeshows on Aquaculture
    fish farming cages, antifouling, alloys
    Copper alloys in marine aquaculture - Increasing productivity, Sustaining the future.
    Copper-Zinc Alloys for use in Marine Aquaculture
    alloys, antifouling, fish farming cages
    Copper-zinc Ultra Resistant (UR) properties make it an ideal choice for aquaculture cages. Upon prolonged exposure to seawater, it forms an adherent protective oxide layer which naturally inhibits the attachment of fouling organisms, whilst increasing water flow and reducing opportunities for parasites and pathogens to grow and infect fish.
    Copper-Nickel Alloys for use in Marine Aquaculture
    antifouling, copper-nickel, fish farming cages
    Copper-Nickel: Inherent resistance to marine biofouling and corrosion. Copper is an essential micro-nutrient, helping achieve good health and development in all forms of life. The natural metallurgical and biological properties of copper alloys make them the perfect material for both surface and submersible marine aquaculture enclosures for near- and off-shore sites.
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