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    07 | 12 | 15
    ICA President Speaks at Energy Day about High-Efficiency Products
    applications, energy efficiency, policy
    Energy Efficiency offers one of the best, most realistic opportunities for limiting the effects of man made climate change.
    25 | 11 | 15
    ECI Launches #MY21ACTIONS4CLIMATE to Encourage Opportunities for Individual Action on Climate Change
    Energy and renewables
    Individual actions are not limited to turning thermostats down, switching off lights, recycling and leaving the car in the garage. While these are definitely worthwhile, we can go far beyond them. Read here how.
    19 | 11 | 15
    Trollbeads House in Copenhagen Wins the European Copper in Architecture Awards 17
    architecture, EU, competition, alloys, awards
    This international award recognises the best architectural designs incorporating copper and copper alloys. This year, over 50 entries were received from 17 countries.
    29 | 09 | 15
    The Use of Electricity in Heating and Cooling Could Facilitate the Penetration of Renewables and Lower Carbon Emissions in Europe
    Energy and renewables
    building, cooling, electricity generation, environment, EU, heating, policy
    ECI is convinced that very significant opportunities exist, within the heating & cooling sector, to save energy, to increase the use of renewable-based technologies, thus reducing the dependency on imported fuels, and to better connect the EU’s electricity and thermal energy markets.
    28 | 09 | 15
    Copper Industry Calls for New Approach to Reduce EU Carbon Emissions
    Energy and renewables
    climate change, EU, policy
    ECI’s plan to decarbonize Europe by 25% calls for a different, more integrated and collaborative approach towards emission reductions by focusing on the concept of resource productivity.
    07 | 07 | 15
    EU Regulation Needs Holistic Strategy to Target the Vast Saving Opportunity of Building Automation
    Energy and renewables
    building, efficacy, electric conductivity, energy efficiency, EU, policy
    The application of building automation and controls could save about 10% of the entire energy use in EU, concluded the participants at the workshop organised by the ECI at EUSEW 2015.
    16 | 06 | 15
    New Analysis Highlights Member States Lack of Ambition in Implementing Energy Efficiency Legislation
    Energy and renewables
    efficacy, energy efficiency, environment, EU, policy
    New analysis by the Coalition for Energy Savings shows that the plans put forward by the Member States lack ambition and will not achieve the agreed objectives.
    27 | 05 | 15
    Fathers’ Day Shopping Copper gifts: Dads love them too!
    aesthetic, products, property, shape
    Running out of ideas for Father's Day on 14th of June June? Do you have a trendy dad? Then why not get him something in the most fashionable decorative material around: copper!
    16 | 04 | 15
    The Copper Labyrinth Shapes its Curves at the Energy for Creativity Expo in Milan
    aesthetic, appealing, beautiful, design, designer, history
    The Labyrinth is displayed from 13 April to 24 May 2015, as part of the new exhibition-event of INTERNI ‘Energy for Creativity” that attempts to introduce and develop the themes of Expo Milano 2015
    07 | 04 | 15
    World First: Antimicrobial Copper Supermarket Trolleys
    antimicrobial, harmful bacteria, health, healthcare-associated infections
    In a world first, a Brazilian supermarket has introduced supermarket trolleys with antimicrobial copper handles to help reduce the spread of disease-causing pathogens.
    11 | 03 | 15
    Copper and the Home Competition Winners Awarded
    Interior design, Art
    The winners of Copper and the Home 2014 have been awarded their prizes at a ceremony in Milan.
    06 | 03 | 15
    Copper Upcycling Contest Winners Announced
    Design and manufacture, Art
    design, aesthetic, recycling
    ECI has announced the winners of the Copper Upcycling Competition.
    09 | 02 | 15
    Copper and the Home Competition Winners Announced
    Art, Design and manufacture, Interior design, Architecture
    The winners of the fifth Copper and the Home competition have been announced.
    05 | 02 | 15
    Copper's Contribution to the EU's Circular Economy
    To support the investment and employment that metal recycling generates, the copper sector needs EU policy makers to ensure a well-thought out balance between, on the one hand, legislation on chemicals, industrial emissions and climate change and, on the other, Europe’s goals for more sustainable growth and the circular economy.
    05 | 01 | 15
    2015 European Copper in Architecture Awards 17 Launched
    architecture, EU, beautiful, awards, design
    Entries are now invited for the 2015 European Copper in Architecture Awards 17 – a celebration of contemporary architecture and showcase for architects designing with copper and its alloys.
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