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    09 | 11 | 11
    Making Buildings Sustainable will be impossible without first upgrading the electrical installations (November)
    Brussels, 9 November 2011: In Europe today, climate change and volatile demographics are the two main challenges facing sustainable building. At the 2011 International Electrical Safety Forum, held today in Mexico City, the European Copper Institute presented on how a safe and periodically-verified electrical installation can contribute to sustainable development in the building construction sector.
    01 | 11 | 11
    Shopping : a copper-coloured Christmas (November)
    With the return to raw materials and the advent of industrial style decor, copper has carved out an excellent position for itself on the contemporary design scene and is making its comeback in interiors. The red metal is particularly prized at Christmas for its warm, sparkling light. Copper-coloured Christmas decorations: what could be more trendy?
    01 | 11 | 11
    The former Warsaw Ghetto site will host the Museum of the History of Polish Jews (November)
    Brussels, 28th November 2011: The Museum of the History of Polish Jews - Warsaw’s most prominent construction project - will open in 2013 on the site of the former Warsaw Ghetto. This multimedia narrative museum and cultural centre – offering 12 800 m2 of useable space – will present the history of Polish Jews and the rich civilisation they created over the course of almost 1000 years.
    01 | 11 | 11
    Copper Combats Contagion. Don't pass it on (November)
    Brussels, 14 November 2011: In recent years, media and health agencies across the world have been concerned about potential pandemics stemming from Bird Flu, Swine Flu and many other organisms. In the new film Contagion launched this month in Belgium, director Steven Soderbergh depicts a lethal pandemic and its devastating aftermath, which – according to America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and renowned UK virologist John Oxford – is quite plausible.
    03 | 10 | 11
    First Hospital in France Installs Antimicrobial Copper Touch Surfaces to Combat HCAIs (October)
    Brussels, October 7th, 2011: The Centre Hospitalier de Rambouillet, in the Parisian region, is the first hospital in France to install antimicrobial copper touch surfaces to fight pathogens and reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) for its patients.
    01 | 10 | 11
    Metals for Buildings : Essential & Fully Recyclable (October)
    Brussels, 17 October 2011: The European metals alliance for recyclable and sustainable buildings - METALS FOR BUILDINGS – has today launched the publication “Metals For Buildings – Essential & fully Recyclable”, addressing the key issues surrounding the use of metals in the building and construction sector.
    01 | 10 | 11
    Europe's First Certified Antimicrobial Copper Coil Air Handling Unit is Produced in France (October)
    Brussels, October 3rd 2011: The first certified Antimicrobial Copper coil air handling unit has been produced in Europe by French manufacturer Hydronic, in association with Centre d’Information du Cuivre-Laitons et Alliages (CICLA). This ground-breaking product for France will harness the antimicrobial properties of copper for hospitals.
    13 | 09 | 11
    Awards Ceremony - European Copper in Architecture Awards 2011 (September)
    Brussels, 13 September 2011: Projects from Spain, Finland, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and Luxembourg have been shortlisted by an international team of architect and editor judges for the 2011 European Copper in Architecture Awards. With an increase of 40% to 66 entries, the Awards are an impressive celebration of the very best in contemporary European architecture and recognition of the growing influence of copper in modern design. All the 2011 entries can be seen on the re-launched Copper in Architecture website -
    01 | 08 | 11
    ECI attends Aqua Nor 2011 (August)
    Brussels, 11 August 2011:The European Copper Institute (ECI) announced it will attend AquaNor 2011, from 16-19 August, in Trondheim, Norway. ECI will demonstrate copper alloys for use in both near- and off-shore marine aquaculture enclosures at Booth C-226, “Copper Alloys in Marine Aquaculture: Increasing Productivity, Sustaining the Future”.
    25 | 07 | 11
    Copper in Architecture Awards 2011 shortlist announced (July)
    Brussels, 25 July 2011: Projects from Spain, Finland, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and Luxembourg have been shortlisted by an international team of architect and editor judges for the 2011 European Copper in Architecture Awards.
    06 | 07 | 11
    Copper Cages Stand the Test of Storms in Dardanelles Strait (July)
    Brussels, 6 July 2011 – This summer, the Dardanelles Strait became the first European site to install innovative copper alloy aquaculture cages. Designed to eliminate common fish farming problems, such as biofouling, damage from storms and strong undercurrents, the cages selected by the scientists at Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University and University of New Hampshire have been deployed in 50 metres of water, and are stocking 15,000 European sea bass (4.5 tonnes).
    01 | 07 | 11
    Research proves antimicrobial copper reduces the risk of infections by more than 40% (July)
    Brussels, July 1st 2011: Early results from a comprehensive, multi-site clinical trial in the US demonstrate that the use of antimicrobial copper surfaces in intensive care unit rooms resulted in a 40.4% reduction in the risk of acquiring a hospital infection. Initial study results were presented at the World Health Organization’s 1st International Conference on Prevention and Infection Control (ICPIC) in Geneva, Switzerland on July 1st, 2011.
    01 | 07 | 11
    Eurometaux welcomes the European Parliament’s ITRECommittee Vote on “An Effective Raw Materials Strategy for Europe” (July)
    The European Non-Ferrous Metals industry welcomes the vote of the EP ITRE Committee on the amendments to the report tabled by MEP R. Bütikofer on the February 2011 Communication, and supports the call for swift and concrete implementation of the objectives and actions identified. In the meantime, the authorities of some European major ports are contemplating a relaxation of controls, while the reduction of illegal shipments is a cornerstone of the move towards a circular and resource-efficient society.
    03 | 06 | 11
    Copper proven effective against new E.Coli strains (June)
    01 | 06 | 11
    Energy Efficiency: a missed opportunity. Commission's proposed Directive falls short of Europe's energy efficiency ambitions. (June)
    Brussels, 22 June 2011 The European Commission’s proposal for an Energy Efficiency Directive presented today represents a serious setback to the EU’s stated commitments to achieve energy savings. The Coalition for Energy Savings calls on the European Parliament and Member States not to give up on the 20% energy savings commitment by 2020.
    01 | 06 | 11
    Antimicrobial Copper provides a Clinical Benefit to Patients. Meet our Experts at WHO ICPIC from 29th June - July 2nd (June)
    Ask the Experts: Antimicrobial copper provides a clinical benefit to patients - Join us at ICPIC to find out how copper’s antimicrobial properties can mitigate the spread of antibiotic-resistant organisms and reduce the risk of infections in hospitals.
    16 | 05 | 11
    Copper's Key Role in Infection Control and Preventing the Spread of Antibiotic-Resistant Microbes (May)
    Brussels, May 16th 2011: Copper’s important role in infection control and halting the spread of antibiotic-resistant organisms will be highlighted by two globally-renowned researchers at the first International Conference on Prevention & Infection Control, organised by the World Health Organization and to be held in Geneva from 29th June to 2nd July 2011.
    16 | 05 | 11
    Copper Industry Seeks Stronger Commitment to EU Resource (May)
    The European Copper Institute (ECI) will call upon the European Union during Green Week to address two areas concerning the EU’s resource efficiency strategies: its lack of binding energy efficiency targets, and the need to secure the supply of valuable raw materials.
    28 | 04 | 11
    Recycled copper percentage continues to grow in Europe (April)
    Brussels, 28 April 2011 – The annual report published by the International Copper Study Group (ICSG) announced a record high proportion of recycled copper in Europe (Russia included) in 2009. With a 3.5 percentage point increase, recycled copper met 45.7% of Europe’s demand, compared with 42.2% in 2008. Due to the strong overall demand growth in Asia, the global recycling percentage fell from 35.3% in 2008 to 33.7% in 2009. The building construction sector continues to make the greatest use of recycled copper, with some of the key products used there already produced from 100% recycled content.
    14 | 04 | 11
    Copper : the more you use, the less you lose ! (April)
    Brussels, April 6th 2011: Increasing the use of copper can help reduce energy losses and improve the environmental performance of electrical motors, transformers, and renewable energy systems. In order to show how copper is contributing to energy savings and renewable technology, the European Copper Institute and Leonardo Energy invite you to attend a webinar on April 14th at 16h CET, in support of the EU event for a more sustainable future.
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