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    19 | 11 | 15
    Trollbeads House in Copenhagen Wins the European Copper in Architecture Awards 17
    architecture, EU, competition, alloys, awards
    This international award recognises the best architectural designs incorporating copper and copper alloys. This year, over 50 entries were received from 17 countries.
    29 | 09 | 15
    The Use of Electricity in Heating and Cooling Could Facilitate the Penetration of Renewables and Lower Carbon Emissions in Europe
    Energy and renewables
    building, cooling, electricity generation, environment, EU, heating, policy
    ECI is convinced that very significant opportunities exist, within the heating & cooling sector, to save energy, to increase the use of renewable-based technologies, thus reducing the dependency on imported fuels, and to better connect the EU’s electricity and thermal energy markets.
    28 | 09 | 15
    Copper Industry Calls for New Approach to Reduce EU Carbon Emissions
    Energy and renewables
    climate change, EU, policy
    ECI’s plan to decarbonize Europe by 25% calls for a different, more integrated and collaborative approach towards emission reductions by focusing on the concept of resource productivity.
    07 | 07 | 15
    EU Regulation Needs Holistic Strategy to Target the Vast Saving Opportunity of Building Automation
    Energy and renewables
    building, efficacy, electric conductivity, energy efficiency, EU, policy
    The application of building automation and controls could save about 10% of the entire energy use in EU, concluded the participants at the workshop organised by the ECI at EUSEW 2015.
    16 | 06 | 15
    New Analysis Highlights Member States Lack of Ambition in Implementing Energy Efficiency Legislation
    Energy and renewables
    efficacy, energy efficiency, environment, EU, policy
    New analysis by the Coalition for Energy Savings shows that the plans put forward by the Member States lack ambition and will not achieve the agreed objectives.
    05 | 01 | 15
    2015 European Copper in Architecture Awards 17 Launched
    architecture, EU, beautiful, awards, design
    Entries are now invited for the 2015 European Copper in Architecture Awards 17 – a celebration of contemporary architecture and showcase for architects designing with copper and its alloys.
    01 | 10 | 14
    The First Copper Upcycling Contest has been Launched #upcopper
    Art, Interior design
    bronze, decorators, design, aesthetic, EU, brass, recyclable , alloys, competition, durability, creative, public
    ECI has launched a call for submissions for the international Copper Upcycling Contest, a mouth-watering prospect for all creative-minded copper and design fans. The brief is to create an upcycled household item, i.e. breathe new life into an old household object made of copper or a copper alloy.
    23 | 06 | 14
    Is the Commission Giving Up on Saving Energy?
    Energy and renewables
    energy efficiency, EU, reduce emissions, renewable energy source, renewables
    The Coalition for Energy Savings is calling for a binding 40% target, a call supported by an increasing number of stakeholders and backed by recent opinion polls.
    22 | 05 | 14
    ECI Welcomes the New Efficiency Requirements for Transformers Adopted by the European Commission
    Energy and renewables, Electrical systems
    efficacy, energy efficiency, environment, EU, transfer of energy, transformer , transmission
    The Ecodesign Regulation, adopted by the European Commission (EC) yesterday, will ensure that the transmission and distribution of electricity will become progressively more efficient as new power transformers are put into service.
    23 | 04 | 14
    Plans to Reach Annual 1.5% Energy Savings Fall Short of Credibility
    Energy and renewables
    energy efficiency, EU, policy
    ECI supports the Coalition for Energy Savings that identifies weaknesses in national implementation of the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive.
    22 | 01 | 14
    Global Industrial Competitiveness - The Key to a Low Carbon Economy for Europe
    Industry, policy, regulation, environment, EU, communications, Economy
    As the European Commission proposes a comprehensive package on the future industrial, energy and climate change policy directions, Eurometaux and ECI point to the importance of putting global competitiveness at the core of the future (industrial) policy design.
    18 | 11 | 13
    The European Commission Awards €3.3 Million for the Development of Ultraconductive Copper
    Energy and renewables
    conductive, conductivity , energy efficiency, EU, sustainability , value
    A consortium of 14 companies and universities has signed a €3.3 million funding contract through the European Commission’s FP7 program for the “Ultrawire” project aiming at producing a material that conducts electricity better than any known electrical conductor.
    25 | 09 | 13
    Copper Brings New Technologies to Life
    applications, EU, inspiration, society , sustainability , value
    ECI launches a new campaign, ‘Innovating with copper’, to demonstrate the role that copper products play in key societal needs such as renewable energy, healthcare, more energy efficient transportation and modern communications.
    10 | 09 | 13
    ETS Allowances – Cross-Sectoral Reduction Factor (CSRF): Europe Needs an Industrial Vision, Not Another Burden
    competitiveness, energy, EU
    The alliance of non-ferrous metals industries, Eurometaux, is highly concerned about the consequences and timing of the European Commission’s decision on the allocation of ETS allowances, more precisely on the cross-sectoral reduction factor (CSRF), published on Friday, 6 September.
    01 | 07 | 13
    Ten Projects from Seven Countries Shortlisted in the 2013 European Copper in Architecture Awards
    architecture, art, awards, building, colourful, construction, durable, EU
    An international team of architect judges has shortlisted ten projects for the 2013 European Copper in Architecture Awards, a celebration of the very best in contemporary architecture. The winners will be announced at a dedicated event during the international BATIMAT show in Paris with an exhibition of entries throughout the show from 4th to 8th November.
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