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    07 | 07 | 15
    EU Regulation Needs Holistic Strategy to Target the Vast Saving Opportunity of Building Automation
    Energy and renewables
    building, efficacy, electric conductivity, energy efficiency, EU, policy
    The application of building automation and controls could save about 10% of the entire energy use in EU, concluded the participants at the workshop organised by the ECI at EUSEW 2015.
    16 | 06 | 15
    New Analysis Highlights Member States Lack of Ambition in Implementing Energy Efficiency Legislation
    Energy and renewables
    efficacy, energy efficiency, environment, EU, policy
    New analysis by the Coalition for Energy Savings shows that the plans put forward by the Member States lack ambition and will not achieve the agreed objectives.
    19 | 06 | 14
    New Edition of Copper Busbars: Guidance for Design and Installation Launched
    Electrical systems
    busbars, efficacy, electric conductivity, electrical, electrical installation
    A new edition of our popular ‘Copper Busbars: Guidance for Design and Installation’ will be of particular benefit to design engineers of electrical distribution systems seeking to design efficient, economic and reliable busbar systems.
    22 | 05 | 14
    ECI Welcomes the New Efficiency Requirements for Transformers Adopted by the European Commission
    Energy and renewables, Electrical systems
    efficacy, energy efficiency, environment, EU, transfer of energy, transformer , transmission
    The Ecodesign Regulation, adopted by the European Commission (EC) yesterday, will ensure that the transmission and distribution of electricity will become progressively more efficient as new power transformers are put into service.
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