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    16 | 04 | 15
    The Copper Labyrinth Shapes its Curves at the Energy for Creativity Expo in Milan
    aesthetic, appealing, beautiful, design, designer, history
    The Labyrinth is displayed from 13 April to 24 May 2015, as part of the new exhibition-event of INTERNI ‘Energy for Creativity” that attempts to introduce and develop the themes of Expo Milano 2015
    14 | 11 | 14
    The Hermitage in Amsterdam Displays a Unique Copper Labyrinth in its Inner Courtyard
    Art, Pipe systems, Architecture
    appealing, design, designer, aesthetic, history, inspiration, beautiful, creative
    ECI, in collaboration with visual artists and designers Bart van Heesch and Emilie Kröner, has designed and installed a copper labyrinth in one of the fields in the inner courtyard of the Hermitage Amsterdam. The display complements the temporary “Dining with the Tsars Exhibition. Fragile beauty from the Hermitage”, open until March 2015.
    28 | 04 | 14
    Copper Piping: This Summer’s New Decorative Hit?
    Interior design
    appealing, beautiful, design, designer, inspiration, recyclability, tube, use
    Driven by the trends in decoration for 2014, designers and budding home improvers are taking the humble copper pipe and reworking it into imaginative, homemade, arty objects.
    29 | 01 | 14
    Interior Architecture: Show Off Your Copper Pipes!
    Interior design, Architecture
    aesthetic, appealing, beautiful, colourful, decorators, design, designer, home, inspiration, pipework, plumbing
    Although people have long sought to keep pipes hidden, copper pipes are now coming into the open thanks to the influence of industrial design. We take a quick spin around Europe to see some original creations.
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