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    23 | 05 | 18
    The road to greener and smarter cities is paved with copper
    This EU Green Week, our Chief Executive, Bernard Respaut reflects on how cities can become more sustainable, smart and resilient, and on the role copper plays in all this.
    14 | 05 | 18
    Copper at the European Economic Congress
    The contributions copper is making to a more sustainable future for Europe are being highlighted at this week's European Economic Congress.
    25 | 04 | 18
    2017 Annual Report Available
    Our annual report—offering an overview of who we are and how we operate, and our main activities throughout 2017—is now online.
    19 | 04 | 18
    Copper Innovations Showcased at International Conference
    Copper remains a critical metal for enabling technical progress and sustainable product design, as evidenced by the recent international Copper Alloys 2018 conference.
    18 | 04 | 18
    Copper Can Reduce Dependency on Rare Earth Elements
    The growing demand for rare earth elements is creating a number of environmental, geopolitical, social and technical challenges. This article discusses how copper can help address them.
    22 | 03 | 18
    Copper: a Success Story in the Sustainable Management of Water Resources
    This World Water Day, we’re highlighting some recent efforts by the European copper industry in the field of waste water treatment.
    01 | 03 | 18
    Copper and the Home 2018 Design Competition
    Design and manufacture
    The 2018 edition of the international Copper and the Home design competition is now open for entries.
    27 | 02 | 18
    Copper Alloys 2018: Shaping the Future of Copper Technology
    Join us 11–12 April in Milan to discuss the latest on applications and uses of copper materials. The registration deadline is 11 March.
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