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    16 | 12 | 16
    Energy Efficiency Industries Call Council and EP to Equip the Energy Efficiency Market with Ambitious Enabling Framework
    The industries represented in the EEIF call for the 2030 target to be set at its proven cost-effective potential.
    14 | 12 | 16
    EU Emissions Trading System Reform: Making Things Simple or Simplistic? The Case of Copper.
    Read the copper case in view of the ENVI committee vote in the European Parliament on Thursday December 15th.
    05 | 12 | 16
    Copper Gets Going to Observe Distant Galaxies
    New December case study of the campaign 'When the going gets tough ...' presents copper wire in thermal shield for the Webb Telescope.
    07 | 11 | 16
    Copper Gets Going as a Symbol of Hope and Strength
    The statue 'Flight in mind' will likely take a new position at the Brussels airport, as a memorial to the victims - and as a symbol of strength, recovery and hope.
    25 | 10 | 16
    Update to REACH Copper Consortium Data-Sharing Agreements
    Specific references have been included on the fairness and transparency of cost sharing, as well as on any eventual reimbursement mechanism.
    13 | 10 | 16
    ETS Vote: MEPs make important progress on indirects compensation and qualitative assessment
    ITRE MEPs have made an important proposal to introduce a hybrid model for better compensating indirect costs, and recommended to maintain the option for qualitatively assessing a sector’s carbon leakage risk.
    06 | 10 | 16
    Copper Gets Going Destination Red Planet
    Energy and renewables
    New case study tells the story of the making of NASA's first 3D-printed copper rocket engine part.
    03 | 10 | 16
    ECI's Position on Carbon Leakage Qualification Criterion in the ETS
    Energy and renewables
    A qualitative assessment and a recognition that globally priced industries are unable to pass regional carbon costs are needed to ensure equal treatment for EU non-ferrous metals producers.
    19 | 07 | 16
    Copper Gets Going to the Origin of the Universe
    New July case study tells the story of the superconducting wire for the CERN particle accelerator.
    24 | 06 | 16
    EU Industries Support an Ambitious EED and Target for Jobs, Growth, Competitiveness and Energy and Climate Goals
    Energy and renewables
    EEIF calls on MEPs to support an ambitious energy efficiency policy framework beyond 2020.
    15 | 06 | 16
    Launch of Copper Industry CEO Views
    ECI works closely with its membership to provide the information that supports well-substantiated dialogue with policy makers on the specificities of the copper sector.
    06 | 06 | 16
    Socio-Economic Impact of Copper Compounds Classification in Industrial Sites Presented at SETAC Europe
    New research to assess the trade-offs of applying harmonised classification in industrial sectors developed with University of Antwerp and Hasselt University.
    26 | 05 | 16
    European Chemicals Agency Publishes its Second Report on the Operation of REACH and CLP
    ECI broadly shares the report’s findings, in particular the need to clean up the multiple classifications shown for the same substance.
    23 | 05 | 16
    Copper Architecture Forum 40 Published
    architecture, cladding, facades, roof
    This issue looks into the challenges of successfully integrating modern interventions within historic town centre settings.
    21 | 04 | 16
    ECI Board Elects New Chairman and Vice-Chairman
    ECI Board elected Gonzalo Cuadra, General Manager Codelco Services Ltd, as its new chairman and, Oriol Guixà, President and CEO of La Farga, as its new vice-chairman for the next two year term.
    14 | 03 | 16
    Look for Copper in the World’s Most-Wanted Electric Car
    The Tesla Model S is the world’s most-wanted electric car, with 100,000 units already sold as of December 2015. ts high-performance copper rotor motor delivers 300 horsepower and weighs 45.4 kg.
    02 | 03 | 16
    New Informal Coalition for Higher Ambition Calls on EU leaders to Live Up to Their Paris Commitments
    Energy and renewables
    The new informal Coalition for Higher Ambition is an unprecedented gathering of stakeholders standing together to influence Heads of State and Ministers ahead of the 4 March Environment Council.
    25 | 02 | 16
    Copper Destroys MRSA in Touch Contamination
    New research from the University of Southampton shows that copper can destroy MRSA spread by touching and fingertip contamination of surfaces, setting it apart from other antimicrobial surfaces and shedding new light on how it works.
    26 | 01 | 16
    The Role of Mineral Resources in Life Cycle Assessment
    New, harmonized terminology is discussed and proposed in a paper published recently in the International Journal of Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA), entitled “Mineral resources in life cycle impact assessment—defining the path forward”.
    20 | 01 | 16
    The European Food and Safety Authority Defines Adequate Intakes for Copper
    On request by the European Commission, the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA) provided its scientific opinion on dietary reference values for copper.
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