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    05 | 12 | 13
    ECI Launches its World Electrical Safety Barometer
    Electrical systems
    electricity generation, safety, electrical, electric conductivity, efficacy
    ECI has launched the Electrical Safety Barometer to measure the gap between current situations and best practices and also to provide guidance to policy makers on actions to improve.
    20 | 11 | 13
    Driving the EU Economy through Copper Innovation
    competitiveness, Industry, recyclability, regulation, EU
    Copper’s inherent properties make it the material of choice for a wide range of products and industries. These include telecommunications, architecture, heating and cooling, transport, healthcare, plus virtually all aspects of electricity and renewable energies.
    12 | 11 | 13
    Metals and alloys used in food contact materials and articles - A practical guide for manufacturers and regulators
    Design and manufacture
    alloys, EU, health, manufacturer, policies, public, regulator
    The Council of Europe has published “Metals and alloys used in food contact materials and articles. A practical guide for manufacturers and regulators” intended to provide general provisions and recommendations to assist national policy makers and to enhance the harmonisation of technical standards among the Member States.
    24 | 10 | 13
    ‘Copper Hospital’ Showcases Innovative Infection Control Technology at MEDICA
    infections, antimicrobial, hospital, healthcare-associated infections, health
    A ‘Copper Hospital’ at MEDICA (20-23 November 2013) will demonstrate the possibilities for enhancing infection control using Antimicrobial Copper medical equipment, furniture and fittings. Visit us at Stand B03 in Hall 14.
    13 | 10 | 13
    Only 40% binding energy savings target for 2030 can deliver EU objectives for competitiveness, energy and climate
    policies, energy, energy efficiency, targets, competition, EU
    The Coalition for Energy Savings makes the case for a 40% binding energy savings target to be included in the EU’s 2030 climate and energy framework.
    11 | 10 | 13
    35 Copper Architecture Forum Magazine published
    architecture, roof, aesthetic, awards, cladding, roofing
    This issue invites comparisons, both of how architects go about designing their buildings and of their attitude to copper as a modern architectural material.
    08 | 10 | 13
    ECI Member Companies Contribute to the European Commission's New Project to Define Product Environmental Footprint Rules for Metal Sheets
    competitiveness, environment, EU, partnerships, recyclability, sustainability
    The European Metals Industry is keen to contribute to the definition of footprint assessment rules for metal sheets.
    02 | 10 | 13
    ECI participates in EU Waste•smART creative competition
    aesthetic, art, competition, creative, EU, inspiration, public, recyclability, recyclable , recycling, resources
    ECI has responded to the invitation of the European Environment Agency (EEA) to share views about waste in Europe in a new creative competition Waste•smART by submitting artistic depictions of copper recycling.
    23 | 09 | 13
    ECI Expects that the New End-of-Waste Criteria for Copper Scrap will Boost Copper Recycling in Europe
    Economy, EU, policies, policy, public, recyclability, recycling, scrap
    The main criterion for copper and copper alloy scrap, to exit the waste regime, is for the content of foreign material to be below 2% by weight.
    16 | 09 | 13
    Copper Development Association Africa Refurbished its Website:
    The Copper Development Association Africa (CDAA) has represented the local copper industry in southern Africa since 1962 and now promotes copper usage throughout Africa.
    11 | 09 | 13
    Eurometaux Position on the Review of the European Waste Management Legislation
    EU, policies, recycling
    ECI and Eurometaux believe that European policies should primarily aim at ensuring that as much recyclable waste as possible is recycled in efficient conditions to recover as much valuable material as economically and technically possible.
    29 | 08 | 13
    Explore Europe through its Copper Resources
    research, supply , sustainability , sustainable, well-being
    Explore the first Google Maps display of the known and predicted copper resources which, together with other minerals and metals, define the strategic resources of the European Union.
    29 | 05 | 13
    ECI Publishes its 2012 Annual Report
    communications, Economy, EU, partnerships, public, regulation, regulator, society
    Throughout 2012, ECI and its network of eleven national associations continued activities across Europe to promote and publicise the many benefits of copper to society. Read it online here.
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