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    04 | 06 | 18
    5 Points on Copper and the Clean Energy Transition
    Electrical systems, Energy and renewables, Transportation
    long-life, expert, emission of greenhouse gases, environment, transfer of energy, transport, EU, energy efficiency, sustainability
    Copper will be key to the innovative solutions needed to drive the EU's vision of a clean energy transition. Find out how.
    09 | 10 | 17
    Implementing Best Available Techniques in the Copper Industry and Beyond
    environment, sustainability
    ECI's Katia Lacasse is to chair a workshop on implementing conclusions from a recently-published policy report: Best Available Techniques for the Non-Ferrous Metals Industries.
    20 | 09 | 17
    Copper: Key Facilitator of a Low-carbon Economy
    climate change, sustainability
    This Climate Week NYC, we look at the role of copper in solving tomorrow's problems, and driving innovation that can smooth the transition to a low-carbon economy.
    16 | 11 | 15
    Our Metals Future: Providing the European Metals Industry’s Sustainability Vision for 2050
    Energy and renewables
    EU, sustainability , policy
    The EU is committed to cutting at least 80% of Europe’s carbon emissions by 2050, and the European metals industry is committed to help.
    03 | 12 | 14
    Eurometaux releases Call for Action to EU Policy Makers
    communications, EU, policy, sustainability
    The Call for Action recommends four areas where new EU policy makers can take action to strengthen the recovery of Europe’s non-ferrous metals industry, and facilitate our contribution to a sustainable society.
    08 | 10 | 13
    ECI Member Companies Contribute to the European Commission's New Project to Define Product Environmental Footprint Rules for Metal Sheets
    competitiveness, environment, EU, partnerships, recyclability, sustainability
    The European Metals Industry is keen to contribute to the definition of footprint assessment rules for metal sheets.
    29 | 08 | 13
    Explore Europe through its Copper Resources
    research, supply , sustainability , sustainable, well-being
    Explore the first Google Maps display of the known and predicted copper resources which, together with other minerals and metals, define the strategic resources of the European Union.
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