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    04 | 06 | 18
    5 Points on Copper and the Clean Energy Transition
    Electrical systems, Energy and renewables, Transportation
    long-life, expert, emission of greenhouse gases, environment, transfer of energy, transport, EU, energy efficiency, sustainability
    Copper will be key to the innovative solutions needed to drive the EU's vision of a clean energy transition. Find out how.
    25 | 09 | 17
    Guidance on Copper and Copper Alloys for Food Contact Applications
    alloys, contact surface, drinking water, EU, manufacturer, products, regulation, regulator
    A new fact sheet from ECI offers guidance for manufacturers and regulators on the use of copper and copper alloys to manufacture articles intended to come into contact with food.
    26 | 04 | 17
    2016 Annual Report
    corporate, EU
    ECI's newly-published 2016 annual report presents the association’s main activities in 2016 and describes, where appropriate, how they fit into the European legislative agenda.
    01 | 12 | 15
    Business Community Calls for a 40% Energy Efficiency Target in the Energy Union Report
    Energy and renewables
    policy, energy efficiency, EU
    The energy efficiency business community stands ready to offer its support and urges the European Parliament to find an agreement, on the Energy Union report due to be voted in Plenary on 15 December.
    16 | 11 | 15
    Our Metals Future: Providing the European Metals Industry’s Sustainability Vision for 2050
    Energy and renewables
    EU, sustainability , policy
    The EU is committed to cutting at least 80% of Europe’s carbon emissions by 2050, and the European metals industry is committed to help.
    06 | 11 | 15
    ECI Inputs into the Public Consultation on the Evaluation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)
    Electrical systems, Energy and renewables
    building, EU, policy
    We are on course towards energy-efficient buildings, but only at a slow rate because the EPBD mandatory measures essentially only apply to new build or major renovations.
    07 | 10 | 15
    ECI Inputs into the Public Consultation on a New Energy Market Design
    Energy and renewables
    EU, policy, public, regulation
    The consultation on a new market design represents an opportunity for the EU to embark on a course to increase the weight of demand in the power system.
    30 | 07 | 15
    ECI Joins #SaveEnergyToday Campaign
    Energy and renewables
    competition, energy efficiency, EU
    #SaveEnergyToday is a photo competition organised by the Coalition for Energy Savings - of which ECI is a member of - and supported by the European Commission DG Energy.
    23 | 07 | 15
    Call for A New Energy Market Design for an Energy Union that Delivers on Demand Side Flexibility and Efficiency First
    Economy, energy efficiency, EU, policy, regulation
    Actors from Europe’s energy sector from green NGOs, cities, industries - including ECI -and consumer groups, led by E3G, addressed Vice President Šefčovič and Commissioner Cañete on the Market Design Initiative.
    12 | 06 | 15
    Industry and Regulators Discuss Materials and Products in Contact with Drinking Water
    Pipe systems
    drinking water, EU, policy
    Policy makers from the EC DG Environment and DG Grow, Member State national health authorities and water industry representatives discussed a way forward, on the European regulatory framework covering materials and products in contact with drinking water.
    08 | 06 | 15
    Models to Assess Environmental Impact of Copper Presented at SETAC
    EU, policy, science, scientist
    Recent research on copper in water, soil and sediments presented under the theme “Environmental protection in a multi-stressed world: challenges for science, industry and regulators”.
    02 | 06 | 15
    No Human Health Hazards for Copper Oxide, Powder and Massives
    policy, regulator, regulation, EU
    The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has published the Screening Initial Assessment Profile (SIAP) for copper in its online Existing Chemicals Database.
    01 | 06 | 15
    EU Adopts Regulation on REACH Restrictions on Lead in Consumer Items
    alloys, brass, EU, policy, public, regulation
    The European Commission has adopted and published in its Official Journal the REACH Restriction on lead in consumer items that may “during normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, be placed in the mouth by children”.
    11 | 05 | 15
    ‘Energy Efficiency First’: Getting the Priorities Right for the Energy Union
    Energy and renewables
    efficacy, energy efficiency, environment, EU, policy
    The Coalition for Energy Savings believes that ‘Energy Efficiency First’ should be the guiding principle to redress the historic bias towards prioritising increasing supply over saving energy.
    05 | 05 | 15
    Eurometaux Releases Video on Metals Environmental Quality Standards
    environment, EU, policy, regulation, science, standards
    The video demonstrates the principles of metals bioavailability and how this can be used to calculate site-specific environmental quality standards,
    01 | 04 | 15
    Using the Flexibility Potential in Energy Intensive Industries to Facilitate Further Grid Integration of Variable Renewable Energy Sources
    Electrical systems
    electrical, electricity generation, EU, initiative, policy, renewable energy source, renewables
    Within the IndustRE project, the electricity-intensive industries of Europe work closely with the renewable energy sector in order to promote innovative business models and regulatory improvements that create win-win situations.
    19 | 03 | 15
    Hygienically Relevant Drinking Water Regulations Influence the Market in the Long Term
    drinking water, EU
    European associations invite guests to take part in discussions with representatives of the European Drinking Water Commission
    24 | 02 | 15
    European Industrial Sectors Call for Putting Energy Efficiency at the Heart of the Energy Union
    Energy and renewables
    energy efficiency, policy, EU
    The Energy Efficiency Industrial Forum (EEIF) welcomes the discussion on the emerging Energy Union and takes this opportunity to present key asks that should be accommodated while framing the Energy Union concept.
    23 | 02 | 15
    Stakeholders Call for “Energy Efficiency first” in Energy Union
    Electrical systems
    policy, energy efficiency, EU
    Following the statement from Commissioner for climate and energy Miguel Arias Cañete on ‘efficiency first’ as an ‘abiding motto’ for the EU, the energy efficiency community has been promoting the concept further.
    04 | 02 | 15
    [Infographic] Copper's contribution to the EU's Circular Economy
    climate change, Economy, emission of greenhouse gases, environment, EU, recycling, reduce emissions, regulation
    New infographic explains how copper contributes to the EU's circular economy.
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