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    01 | 08 | 17
    E-Mobility and the European Copper Market
    Transportation, Industrial, Electrical systems
    electric car, electrical, markets
    The broader adoption of electric vehicles, and their charging infrastructure, will represent a boost for European copper material producers and European vehicle manufacturers.
    01 | 04 | 15
    Using the Flexibility Potential in Energy Intensive Industries to Facilitate Further Grid Integration of Variable Renewable Energy Sources
    Electrical systems
    electrical, electricity generation, EU, initiative, policy, renewable energy source, renewables
    Within the IndustRE project, the electricity-intensive industries of Europe work closely with the renewable energy sector in order to promote innovative business models and regulatory improvements that create win-win situations.
    16 | 09 | 14
    White Paper: Policy Case for Intelligent Controls in Dwellings
    electrical, energy efficiency
    A new study analyses the impact of user behaviour on the overall energy consumption of residential buildings.
    16 | 09 | 14
    ECI Launches the Copper Academy to Promote Copper to Decision Makers
    Energy and renewables, Electrical systems
    conductive, conductivity , electric conductivity, electrical, engineer, public
    The Copper Academy is organising monthly webinars on copper in conductivity applications, targeting end-users (utilities, railway operators, manufacturers, design engineers).
    14 | 04 | 14
    Grid Parity, an economic reality for the commercial segment
    Energy and renewables, Electrical systems
    energy efficiency, electricity generation, electric conductivity, electrical
    ECLAREON in partnership with Leonardo ENERGY has released a new issue of its Grid Parity Monitor (GPM) Series. This issue focuses exclusively on the commercial sector (30 kW PV systems) in 7 different countries: Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Spain.
    27 | 02 | 14
    The Role of Primary Energy Factors in Future EU Policy
    Electrical systems
    regulator, regulation, policy, electric conductivity, electrical, efficacy, energy efficiency, EU
    A group of energy stakeholders representing more than 2.800.000 jobs ranging from power generation, electrical contracting to appliance manufacturing - including ECI - shared concerns regarding the use of conversion factors for electricity, in EU energy and climate policy.
    05 | 12 | 13
    ECI Launches its World Electrical Safety Barometer
    Electrical systems
    electricity generation, safety, electrical, electric conductivity, efficacy
    ECI has launched the Electrical Safety Barometer to measure the gap between current situations and best practices and also to provide guidance to policy makers on actions to improve.
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