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    16 | 10 | 15
    Italian Designer Mastro 7 Speaks About Working With Copper
    art, beautiful, design, designer
    Italian Designer Mastro 7 shared with us in this video interview his copper artwork during the exhibition Custodi Dell'Anima.
    10 | 11 | 14
    #gocopper no 3 Features the Use of Copper in the Onyx Concept Car of Peugeot
    cars, beautiful, art
    Paris reveals the copper beauty on Champs-Élysées. Watch how copper charmed Peugeot.
    20 | 10 | 14
    Get Personal with Copper
    alloys, appealing, beautiful, public, value
    Our new quiz offers you the chance to find your perfect copper match – are you tough and versatile like brass, or creative and indulgent like nickel silver?
    27 | 06 | 14
    ECI Launches New Account on Pinterest
    Interior design
    beautiful, corporate, design, EU, public
    Our official account on Pinterest has been launched under the name Copper Mania and it contains already 20 boards featuring a large variety of copper products.
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