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    23 | 05 | 16
    Copper Architecture Forum 40 Published
    architecture, cladding, facades, roof
    This issue looks into the challenges of successfully integrating modern interventions within historic town centre settings.
    10 | 12 | 15
    Copper Architecture Forum 39 Looks into the Potential of Perforated Metals
    architecture, roof, facades, cladding
    This latest issue features the results of the European Copper in Architecture Awards 2015.
    01 | 06 | 15
    Copper Architectur Forum 38 Features Symbolic Responses to Historical Contexts
    architecture, appealing
    The 38 issue’s strengths is its ability to offer comparisons of different architectural approaches to a single material - copper.
    28 | 05 | 15
    The CopperInDesign Community Gets a New Look
    Art, Design and manufacture, Architecture
    aesthetic, appealing, architecture, art, artists, colourful, corporate, design, designer, surfaces
    The website dedicated to designers using copper as a material of choice has been refurbished to better integrate new comers and designs with copper from an increasing community.
    01 | 12 | 14
    Copper Architecture Forum Magazine 37/2014 Published
    architecture, aesthetic
    The latest issue of our flagship architectural magazine has just been published under the theme 'The Changing Face of Copper'.
    07 | 05 | 14
    See Online What Copper Can Do For Your Home
    Pipe systems, Architecture
    architecture, drinking water, gas , heating, home, pipework
    CuBe websites have been upgraded for better consumer interaction, search engine optimisation, a more appealing look & feel and for social features integration like Facebook and Pinterest.
    11 | 10 | 13
    35 Copper Architecture Forum Magazine published
    architecture, roof, aesthetic, awards, cladding, roofing
    This issue invites comparisons, both of how architects go about designing their buildings and of their attitude to copper as a modern architectural material.
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