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19 | 04 | 18
Copper Innovations Showcased at International Conference

Copper remains a critical metal for enabling technical progress and sustainable product design, as evidenced by the recent international Copper Alloys 2018 conference.


The first event of its kind, Copper Alloys 2018 was attended by more than 100 participants representing processing companies, research institutions and universities. They were there to discuss the latest scientific and technical developments in the field of copper-based material use.

Topics covered in the presentations included new manufacturing processes and innovative material design, along with the advantages of good corrosion resistance and processability offered by many copper alloys across a wide range of applications. Particular emphasis was placed on ecological considerations, such as the recyclability of copper and its alloys, and the associated conservation of resources.

Thanks to copper's excellent mechanical, physical and chemical properties (greatly broadened by alloying it with other metals) it is seeing increased use in emerging technologies such as electromobility and the miniaturisation of components. The addition of copper can often provide cost benefits, reduced energy consumption, improved design and reduced impact on the environment.

More than 30 speakers presented, representing renowned research institutions including Fraunhofer and Germany's Institute for Corrosion Protection, and universities including Athens, Vancouver, Ufa, Lund, Rouen, Milan, Aachen and Saarbrücken.

Michael Sander, Managing Director of the German Copper Institute, observed: 'In our opinion, Copper Alloys 2018 has provided a comprehensive overview of current challenges and developments in the copper industry. For the first time, cooperation with the Swedish institute SWEREA has opened up the possibility to realise such a conference on an international level. The excellent response in science and industry has shown us that we have created a long-missed, necessary offer.'

The next Copper Alloys conference will take place in Germany in 2020, firmly establishing it as a platform for technical exchange in the copper-related industrial and research landscape.

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