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14 | 05 | 18
Copper at the European Economic Congress

The contributions copper is making to a more sustainable future for Europe are being highlighted at this week's European Economic Congress, taking place in Katowice, Poland.

European Economic Congress

With an ambitious agenda aiming to cover all of Europe's key economic and social problems, the 10th European Economic Congress is Central Europe's largest economic event, presenting a wide range of perspectives on the latest issues.

The European Copper Institute's Polish chapter is participating with a poster exhibition in the main hall that explores the various ways in which copper is enabling technologies that will help secure a more sustainable future for Europe.

Well-positioned by its unique blend of properties—most especially its high electrical conductivity—copper is at the heart of electromobility (powering Europe's burgeoning fleet of electric vehicles such as cars and buses), wind turbines (both on land and offshore), photovoltaics and solar heating.

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