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Copper Production, Exploration and Fabrication in Europe

Today, Europe has a well established copper mining industry, plus a world-class smelting and refining (copper producing) sector.

In fact, European companies have pioneered some of many of the metallurgical processing technologies used worldwide. Europe also boasts a well-established semi-fabricating sector, which converts both primary copper and scrap into a broad range of copper and copper alloy products for use further down the value chain. 

In total, the European copper production industry employs some 50,000 people directly and sustains the jobs of millions of others by delivering key products into a vast range of business and service activities. 

The map below features all the production sites (mining exploration, smelter & refiners and semi-fabricating) of ECI member companies in Europe.

Mining                   Smelting & Refining                  Semi-Fabricating

How to Use the Map:
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Facts & Figures*

  • Mining >>1.8 million tonnes produced (10% of the world production)
  • Smelting & Refining >>3.8 million tonnes (18% of the world output)
  • Semi-fabricating >> 5,2 million tonnes (19% of the world fabrication)

*Source: ICSG,Europe (including Russia), reference year : 2014.
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