copper mine ore closeup

Product, Energy & Climate Change Policies

Copper is a key enabler of the low-carbon economy. Its use in products and systems saves primary energy, CO2 emissions and money.

The EU requirements on product policies are numerous and constantly evolving. These include legislation on Ecodesign, the life-cycle of products and on waste.

Copper products have probably never been more important for the sustainable growth of the European Union. Copper products are key enabling materials in combating climate change – their uses in renewables and energy efficient solutions are actively promoted in various EU energy policies, e.g. on energy efficiency, eco-labelling, Ecodesign, green public procurement and construction product directives.

To support the above, ECI and its member companies are actively contributing to the development of methodologies to determine rules on environmental footprinting and on indicators that appropriately reflect cradle-to-gate approaches.

Other examples of policies relevant for copper products are the rules for materials in contact with food and drinking water, environmental quality standards for water, restrictions on hazardous substances in electronics and the end-of-life vehicle directive.

All copper products are directly or indirectly concerned by the safe use conditions defined under chemicals management legislation, such as the REACH Regulation 1907/2006.

Copper, essential for everyone. Policy debate in the European Parliament, 2010

President EP at the opening of the policy debate on copper industry's competitiveness.
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