copper design with embossed circles

ECI launched in September 2013 a new campaign, ‘Innovating with copper’, to demonstrate the role that copper products play in key societal needs such as renewable energy, healthcare, more energy efficient transportation and modern communications.

Such copper innovations are critical to support the European Commission’s goal of reestablishing industry as the provider of 20% of Europe’s GDP by 2020. The campaign reveals the multitude of ways in which copper alloys provide added value to our industries and our lives. By delivering safe electricity and water, eliminating harmful bacteria, and enabling the continued development of electrical applications and electronic devices, copper has never been more important to our society.

The copper industry’s ongoing research and testing of new concepts deliver a steady stream of innovations that can dramatically transform how things are made and how they work. These innovations may make processes more cost-efficient, minimise their environmental impact, lower their energy consumption, or reduce their use of precious natural resources.

Innovations require versatile, high performance materials

The incorporation of a wide variety of other metals (to create copper alloy) dramatically expands the range of metal properties and material performance available to the downstream value chain. The European copper production industry works closely with its customers to develop the applications that drive the new products and services that improve our daily lives. Copper can also be recycled again and again, without any loss of performance, ensuring that it continues to be one of the most important and versatile materials at the heart of both economic development and human endeavours.


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