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Did you know that fireworks give off different colours according to their ingredients and copper takes responsibility for all of the blue colours?  By introducing chemicals and different metals ground into tiny particles, all kind of colours can be created for a fireworks display. When the firework explodes, the metal particles start oxidizing, which creates the heat needed to excite the metal particles so they can emit light and colour."

Want to learn more about the copper element, fun copper facts and rewarding copper careers? Welcome to our copper education pages!


Learning About Copper

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Did you know that copper has been used since 9000 BC ? Explore this section to learn new things that you can share with your friends.

Educational Programmes

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ECI supports education through a collection of educational materials on Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Working With Copper

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Copper is used by more people in more professions than most people realise. Explore this section to find how many professions use copper.

Copper Facts

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Explore this section to learn thirty facts about what Romans used to call as "aes cyprium", and later on as "cuprum".

Educational resources

In our collection of resources aimed at students (11-18 years old), teachers and anyone else interested in copper, you can find out about the biology, chemistry and physics of copper and discover why copper is so important in modern society, as well as for industry, infrastructures, automobiles and all kind of professions.

European Copper Institute provides most of its materials in electronic format which can be downloaded. Hard copies of some publications can be ordered using the ‘shopping basket’ icon.

Additionally, those students who want to be part of a sustainable and environmental-friendly industry can learn more about careers related to copper industry in our Careers page.

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