Living Copper 2007

Copper is a material with a dual identity. On one hand, it is an ancient and noble material with a tradition that goes back thousands of years to the Bronze Age. On the other hand, it is modern and sustainable, and a precious resource for the worlds of industry and design. From this starting point of dual identity, the "Living with Copper" exhibition explores the functional and aesthetic potential offered by copper and its alloys. The exhibition has evolved from a research process that, in the last two years, has involved some of the most foremost international designers who have confronted the expressive potential of the material, as well as the technological possibilities offered by the various companies involved in the project. Thanks to this interaction between production and design, prototypes of a series of new products, including wall decorations, chairs, coffee tables, decorative shelves, baskets and lights, have been developed. Different materials and colours blend to define a series of objects representing a fusion of designers' different cultures and philosophies. It is this creative combination of new solutions which contributes to the ongoing evolution of copper as a material and to new perspectives for its use in the future.

FLORA | Tord Boontje

NEOPOP | R. Giovanetti   

TWING | Nendo

BELL METAL OBJECTS | Satyendra Pakhalé

GROWTH | Eli Gutierrez 


VINE | Susan Bradley

Bassam &  Fellows

BEND | Nendo

JAIL | Eli Gutierrez 

TUBE | Wong & Saw    

APPUNTI DI VIAGGIO | Lorenzo Damiani

BUBBLE | Nendo

LATVA | Mikko Laakkonen 

ONDLE | Nendo   


Living Copper 2007 - 1

Living Copper 2007 - 2

Living Copper 2007 - 3 

Living Copper 2007 - 4  

Living Copper 2007 - 5 

Living Copper 2005

To talk about copper means to talk about a multi-faceted material, a strong and important presence in our environment, the keystone that makes a variety of applications that belong to our dailu lives possible. Copper is an all purpose material, that embraces aesthetic qualities and performance at the same time, a flexible resource to be employed in a large number of sectors of industrial design. This year water and food have been chosen as reference topics on which to measure the world of design and production, two purposefully transversal topics, capable of being interpreted from point of views and sectors different from one another. In this sense water represents the natural element with which copper is accompanied for a large number of applications connected with the home like cooking, preparing meals, washing and heating. On the other hand, food and all its rituals, preparing, cooking and presenting meals rotate, is the subject behind the realization of the large and articulated family of kitchen tools and accessories. Water and food thus constitute the two new stages of research journey lasting many years, which intends to compare creativity with mass production, starting a process to progressively update the image and functional applications of copper.

AMERICA | Piero Silva

MAMY | Didier Leoconte

SALT&PEPPER | Nasrallah

BARFLY | Sonia Wallen

PERLAGE | L. Sonzogni

TRECK | Randy Kristen


FRUITBOWL | N. Nasrallah

WAVE | Riccardo Giovanetti  

HOT POT | R. Giovanetti



Living Copper 2005 - 1

Living Copper 2005 - 3

Living Copper 2005 - 5

Living Copper 2005 - 7

Living Copper 2005 - 9

Living Copper 2005 - 2

Living Copper 2005 - 4

Living Copper 2005 - 6

Living Copper 2005 - 8


Living Copper 2004

Copper is a material with a history that dates back thousand of years but at the same time modern and up-to-date. It represents the perfect connection between the tradition of noble materials and the modern face of new materials. A high quality, flexible materials suitable for a variety of applications. This year the topic is light and warmth, in which copper can play a new and important role, giving its own warmth to the objects and lighting the face of new handcrafts with its surface. The projects that are the result of this research represent the ideal bridge between memory and the rich potentials offered by copper in contemporary living. A material that comes from far away and that looks farther ahead.

ALLEGRE | Roberto Cutoli

LIBERA | Diego Granese

CIRCLE | F. Giannattasio

FIRE | Didier Leconte 

FRAME | Riccardo Giovanetti


Living Copper 2004 - 1 

Living Copper 2004 - 3 

Living Copper 2004 - 5 

Living Copper 2004 - 7

Living Copper 2004 - 2 

Living Copper 2004 - 4 

Living Copper 2004 - 6

Living Copper 2004 - 8 

Trophy 2000

The show, promoted by the Italian Copper Institute with the sport magazine Gazzetta dello Sport, is conceived as a strategic project dedicated to the promotion of copper culture to the world of design and manufacturing. The event focuses on a particular topic, the trophy, which is, without doubt, an object where design plays a key role. The well known properties and characteristics of copper have allowed all international designers involved to create a series of projects often combining other materials they are more familiar with.

SHOT | Gijs Bakker

BOWL | Defne Koz

DYNAMINC | M. Iosa Ghini

FRANCO | James Irvine

FIRST | Daniela Puppa

RINGS | Matthew Hilton

IKE | Marc Sadler

123 | Christophe Pillet

BAILEY | Kostantin Grcic

PERFORMANCE | Denis Santachiara


Trophy 2000 - 1

Trophy 2000 - 2

Trophy 2000 - 3 

Trophy 2000 - 4

Trophy 2000 - 5

Trophy 2000 - 6

Copper House Ponsi 1998

Andrea Ponsi

Andrea Ponsi

Andrea Ponsi

Andrea Ponsi

Andrea Ponsi

Andrea Ponsi

Andrea Ponsi

Andrea Ponsi

Andrea Ponsi

Andrea Ponsi

Andrea Ponsi

Andrea Ponsi

Andrea Ponsi

Andrea Ponsi

Andrea Ponsi

Andrea Ponsi

Andrea Ponsi

Andrea Ponsi



Copper House Ponsi 1

Copper House Ponsi 2

Copper House Ponsi 3

Copper House Ponsi 4

Copper House Ponsi 5

Copper House Ponsi 6 

Copper House Ponsi 7

Copper House Ponsi 8 
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