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Copper In Design

The website www.copperindesign.org is a meeting space for contemporary designers and their followers. This international platform provides a comprehensive source of information on the crafting of the red metal: copper creations, first-hand accounts from designers, exhibitions, competitions and many others.

The website is aimed at creators, design professionals, journalists and all copper-loving netsurfers, offering them an invitation to (re)discover this material whose natural properties have established it over the past few years as an essential feature of the design scene.

The website is funded and managed by the European Copper Institute.

The European Copper Institute (ECI)

Copper in Design

Founded in 1996, in the UK, and based in Brussels since 1998, ECI is a joint venture between the International Copper Association Ltd. (ICA), headquartered in New York, representing the majority of the world’s leading mining companies, custom smelters and semi-fabricators, and the European copper industry. ECI is also part of the Copper Alliance, an international network of industry associations. Its shared mission is to work, with its members, to defend and grow markets for copper based on its superior technical performance and contributions to a higher quality of life.

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