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copper home accessories

Copper offers designers a wealth of mechanical and aesthetic qualities that have made it a mainstay of design and innovation for centuries.

interior design copper contoured relief

Endless possibilities

Copper is an excellent material for the realisation of copper home accessories, because it offers endless possibilities for working, either in its pure state or through its alloys such as brass and bronze. Highly malleable, ductile and durable, it provides an appealing chromatic look, thanks to its wide palette ranging from red to brown to green: with gold, it is the unique coloured metal.

Its strong identity and multi-millennial tradition are added to its aesthetic and technical potential; so architects and contemporary designers like it and create avant-garde items.

In addition, copper is naturally antibacterial, 100% recyclable and highly durable, so its use completely meets the requirements of eco-compatibility, nowadays a key issue in the choice of environmental- and health-friendly materials.

Copper home decor items such as table tops, room decorations, art, chairs, frames, lamps, handles, wall radiators, curtains, plates, taps, heaters, pots and kitchen design components... The beauty of copper accessories is exploited for many items of furniture already present in homes.

Copper and the Home competition

Copper is experiencing much attention from designers, decorators and architects: the “Copper and home” competitions and “Living with copper” exhibitions are proof of that.  In addition, there is another useful tool to learn about and appreciate the role of copper in interior design -  the website, created to be an comprehensive source of information about materials, designers, applications and events focussed on the red metal.

interior design copper contoured relief
The global community of designers using copper as a material of choice
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