Air Conditioning: copper tube

It's economical and eco-friendly.

air conditioning copper tubes and coils closeup

The air-conditioning and refrigeration market is a growing and increasingly significant user of copper tube.

Copper tubes and copper coils have been used for many years in all types of heat exchangers. Responding to market needs and regulatory goals, innovative thinking from the copper trade industry has reshaped the traditional heat exchanger into a resource efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective unit.

Small diameter copper tube packs all the advantages of copper into more compact, more efficient heat exchanger coils, reducing the cost of high efficiency air conditioners and refrigerators for home and business.

Using proven, cost-effective copper fabrication processes and familiar assembly techniques, suppliers and manufacturers are already producing new commercial and residential air conditioning and refrigeration products based on small-diameter MicroGroove copper tubing.


  • Cost-effective fabrication and assembly
  • Smaller size, less weight and lower material costs
  • Higher heat transfer coefficients
  • Well-suited for new refrigerants
  • Uses less refrigerant
  • Overall reduction in system cost.

air conditioning copper tubes and coils
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