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Raw Materials University Day

Sapienza University, “Sala del Chiostro”, Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Rome, Italy
06 | 12 | 13

ECI has responded to the European Commission’s invitation to participate in the launch event of the Raw Materials University Day Initiative. Taking place on 6th of December 2013, at the Sapienza University in Rome, the event will be opened by the European Commissioner, Vice-President Antonio Tajani, in the presence of VIP guests from research, industry, academia and public administration.


The Commission's initiative is organised in the framework of the communication strategy of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials, which aims to promote sectorial competitiveness, sustainable growth and employment by showing the huge potential of European raw materials. The Commission believes that Europe has many universities with long traditions and excellent programmes in the raw materials sector. However, not enough students are attracted to study such technical subjects. Therefore, the Commission would like to support the raising of awareness of the opportunities available.

ECI is supporting this initiative, by attending the event, and demonstrating, during the workshop, that copper’s performance, durability and high versatility result in it being one of the most important materials at the heart of innovation and the EU economy. We will also exhibit to show students the attractiveness of the copper sector, to reveal that copper is being used by more people in more professions, than most of us realise, and to inspire future graduates on career opportunities within the copper industry and its downstream value chain. In that regard, ECI’s ‘Working with copper campaign, launched in 2011, shows that, while the European copper industry employs some 50,000 people directly, it sustains the jobs of millions of others by delivering key products into a vast range of business and service activities.

ECI will also present some of the latest technology developments, within the copper industry, that are captured in our new campaign ‘Innovating with copper. This showcases the role that copper products play in addressing key societal needs such as renewable energy, healthcare, more energy efficient transportation and modern communications. Such innovations are critical to support the European Commission’s goal of re-establishing industry as the provider of 20% of Europe’s GDP by 2020.

The copper industry’s ongoing research and testing of new concepts deliver a steady stream of innovations that can dramatically transform how things are made and how they work. These innovations may make processes more cost-efficient, minimise their environmental impact, lower their energy consumption, or reduce their use of precious natural resources.

Interested to find out more? Meet us at Sapienza University, on December 6th, at “Sala del Chiostro”, Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering.

For more information on Raw Materials University Day and future events in 2014, check the European Commission’s website.


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