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Exchange of Good Practices on Metal By-Products Recovery

Brussels, Belgium
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The European Commission, Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROWTH) is organising the International Conference "Exchange of good practices on metal by-products recovery – technology and policy challenges", which will take place in Brussels (Belgium), on 12-13 November 2015.

ECI will attend the event and present a poster demonstrating that the supply of sustainable raw materials in the EU rely on copper as a key driver for multi-metal ore recovery and enabler of metal-mix recycling. 

ECI's Poster Abstract in the Conference Book of Abstracts:

Europe has a very energy and resource efficient copper industry employing around 50,000 people directly. With a world class smelting and refining sector, European companies continue to pioneer many of the world’s leading metallurgical processing and environmental protection technologies. The EU’s six refined copper producers operate a heterogeneous set of production processes reflecting a diversity of technologies and varying raw material sources - e.g. proximity to EU mine sites, the imports of copper blister and concentrates, and complex, multi-metal bearing scrap and by-products. Most of the European copper installations are also multi-metallic in their end product offerings.

The starting point in the recovery chain is the copper ore body that contains many metal-containing compounds, including molybdenum, precious metals and rare earths. Copper is also the main  element (>60%) in a broad range of alloys. With copper being the “carrier” in many metallurgical refining and recycling streams, copper smelters processing either concentrates (primary) and/or recycled (secondary) raw materials will, in addition to copper, produce other metals, such as for e.g. gold, lead, tin and precious metals.

Copper manufacturing and recycling  facilities in Europe developed  an intelligent combination of different metallurgical processes for recovering a wider range of metals, and act as a successful industrial symbiosis.

ECI’s poster will outline the challenges faced today in the recovery value chain, invite for discussion  and, hopefully pave the way to potential solutions.

Click here to download the Poster.



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